Five reasons you should rent an RV in Canada this summer

on Feb 24, 2016

A Canada road trip is a top-notch holiday

The snow may still be on the ground in much of Canada, but we can assure you - warmer weather is on its way! Now is the time to begin planning your summer road trip, and the True North is the place to be. When the sun’s out and driving conditions are good, there’s no better way to holiday than hitting the open highways of this fabulous and beautiful country.

A Canada RV rental is always the start of an adventure, so begin your browsing! Just in case you aren’t convinced, here are our top reasons to take just such a journey.


1 . It’s beautiful

Our first reason is far from a surprise. Canada is a gorgeous country, with landscapes ranging from soaring snowcapped peaks to endless flat prairies, stunning sounds and fjords to wild Atlantic coastlines. An RV rental is a great way to see it all - not only do you have great views through the big windscreen while on the road, but you can stay in remote campgrounds and areas to enjoy nature in the evenings too. 

canada rv rental

For something particularly spectacular, pick up an RV rental in Vancouver or check out camper rentals in Edmonton or collect a Calgary motorhome rental and drive through the Canadian Rockies. You may also opt to continue on to Halifax and travel the scenic loop of the Cabot Trail on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island. Wherever you go in Canada, make sure you bring your camera with you! 


2 . It’s big

Sometimes you want one of those epic road trips, the type where you drive for miles and stop in small towns, chasing the horizon and free to set your own itinerary. The wide-open spaces of Canada definitely make that possible, and an RV provides even more freedom as you can take your accommodation on the road with you.

Banff National PArk

By land area, Canada is the second-largest country in the world - and with its extensive roading network and good travel infrastructure, probably better suited to an epic road trip than Russia. Drive off into the sunset and keep going!


3 . It’s easy

The highways and byways of Canada are well-maintained and easy to drive, with a variety of different grades from country lanes for scenic Sunday drives to limited access multi-lane highways which make it easy to cover a lot of ground. 

The Trans-Canada Highway stretches clear across the country, and the network of major roads can get you pretty much anywhere you want to go. Regular gas stations, truck stops and food outlets also mean you’ll have no worries during your RV travels.


4 . It’s friendly

I hardly need to add this one, because it’s well-known the world over. Canadians are a very friendly bunch, polite and welcoming - and why wouldn’t you be, if you lived in such a wonderful and beautiful nation?

Of course, it’s a huge generalisation to say that Canadians are all nice people - but many of them are, and that makes your life easier when it comes to road tripping. Asking for directions, stopping for meals, shopping, sightseeing - you’ll have plenty of opportunities for pleasant interactions!

Canada motorhome rental

5 . It’s varied

One of the best parts of a road trip - and the major upside to an RV rental - is seeing a range of different things in one journey. Culture and nature, hills and valleys, coastlines and country: a mixture makes a holiday that much more memorable. 

Toronto sunset

With such a huge area, Canada can offer just about anything you’re looking for. The cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are hugely cosmopolitan and cutting-edge in terms of dining, art and entertainment scenes. The wilds of Canada include scenery across the spectrum, with spectacular mountains, wide-open spaces, quiet lakes and beaches of all kinds. Small towns are charming and friendly, and there is diverse wildlife to be spotted too. 


Now you know why picking up a Canada RV rental should be on your agenda for the coming summer, so brush up on your motorhome mantras and start planning today!