Excerpts from 5MIN News December 12, 2013

(3:13) So what about the flares you did see? They appear to be post-filament release flaring rather than causative flaring from Sunspot instability; take a point away from the Sunspots and hand it to the Earth-directed CMEs.

(3:26) It's early, but with Earth off to the left here on Stereo A we do have a good chance of getting 'glancing blows' or up to maybe a moderate Magnetic Storm.

(3:34) As for the Quakes: everyday that I am ready to raise the 'Watch Score' over 7, the power either drops off or the fields shift around, like here. We're also missing 16 hours of yesterday's fields and no, didn't raise the 'Watch Score' last night either.

(3:48) Let's get shots of our Star to close, including the IRIS rasters. Eyes open, no fear. It's 6:45 A.M. Eastern Time and that's the news. Be safe everyone.

Coronal Holes

(0:40) Coronal Holes and Earthquakes: if you are confused, you are new here. There's a ton of good information online about Coronal Holes, including in these videos of mine:

'How to Watch the Sun' & 'They Want to Blame You'

(0:59) For proof of power, you need only see how a coronal hole stream can do a 'CME impression' and cause Geomagnetic Storms. They also fire Alfvén Waves from their centres and according to NASA: do a better job transferring energy to the planets.

(1:13) The potential mechanisms for Quake causation are many; it's a strong magnetic force pointed from a sphere-magnet in space at another sphere-magnet orbiting it. 

(1:23) Whether the abrupt trigger is a change in orbital velocity, distance, tilt or angular moment, or, whether the triggers are underground or otherwise…we just don't know. 

(1:33) We're in the infancy of this forecasting, there are so many holes and we've seen a few brief periods where there appear to be other unknown factors skewing the data; but the statistical significance of this method has held true for long enough for there to be a 125,000 people here…

(1:49) And that was all before the Coronal Hole Power Factor was added last week. Stick around, we're all learning this together; be safe everyone and pray for Pakistan.

S0's Premium Content 'Fly on the Wall' Sampler:

"Because the Sun is a sphere magnet, and the Earth is a sphere magnet orbiting it with a now recognized electromagnetic connection to. It's certainly not out of the realm of possibility to consider that essentially a coronal hole is like pointing an extra strong magnet out of one part of that central star at our planet for a little bit and then taking it away…

It's not hard to see how that could potentially change, even only slightly, our orbital distance, our orbital speed, our angular momentum, our tilt; it wouldn't take much to have serious implications down under our feet. And so, you can start to really let your mind go there on the macro side.

The micro side it's a little more complicated, you don't know whether you need to start below our feet or way above our heads, or both. There are large chunks of metal underneath the ground, there are magnetic lines across the planet; who's to say that they couldn't react to stronger magnetism?

Especially as the shield that's supposed to be the dividing line between it, the magnetosphere, is getting weaker. That's certainly possible. I actually prefer the idea of looking above our heads, because we have very electric layers, we have a lot of ions up there and we're starting to see how reactive the  weather is to these increasing high and low pressure, which can really only be explained by an increase in energy on the planet earth."

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Karen Young
01/01/2014 4:48pm

After seeing the Aurora Borealis I can see this concept…the protons gather on the magnetic lines above, then flow towards the pole, after gathering and bunching up they excite and drop the infamous curtains and swirls. I wonder why all the beautiful pictures never show nor explain this? I was amazed at the grid of protons above my head when we watched this. Mother Earth at her finest.


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