(0:02) Good morning folks, two huge stories today so lets blow through some quick updates.

(0:07) Drought Zone continues to appear abated in the Southwest with the flooding they took there last two week.

(0:12) Curiosity Team declares 2% water found in the Martian soil, with oxygen, CO2 and sulphur gases released by thermal induction. We've measured a ton of water from space on that planet and we did indeed expect that news eventually.

(0:26) The Telica Volcano in Nicaragua erupted this morning; pretty startling for the locals.

(0:31) The US convergence today hopefully won't dump snow like it did last night, but we could see strong storms leading the pressure cell.

(0:38) Sunspots in tandem crossing the Sun with the mixing up North, but it is separating as the umbras grow; we need some luck as flares are still on the floor and it does appear the solar wind is gonna join them down there.
(0:49) Folks, you're seeing some of my old videos and one from MrMBB333. A number of us have been tracking huge cosmic ray signatures…sometimes I've thought they could be errors, but folks I do not think these are errors at all.

(1:04) Yesterday morning, when you folks caught this immediately upon the reading popping up, we had full-scale tracking of cosmic rays all day.

(1:11) The readings got larger, the readings were confirmed at other stations and on other sites.

(1:16) Folks, this is one of the things we've been discussing most: the Cosmic Rays increasing as the Heliosphere, the solar magnetic shield, is fading just like Earth's.

(1:28) Please 'Google' this and watch the short piece attached to another news video if you haven't seen this yet (GOOGLE: The Cosmic Ray Factor of a Solar Magnetic Shutdown).

(1:32) Of course, that is an addendum to my 'Counterstrike.' The first blow came from them as a drawn-out, hush-hush ratification and implementation of Agenda 21 and biased climate discourse over the last 25 years.

(1:44) They want to blame you for this, they are going to blame you for this. And they will use your alleged failure and inability to keep yourselves alive as excuse, and requisite, for taking control.

(1:57) Lets start with their set-up for climate change mitigation: claiming atmospheric aerosols work significantly well and have been working. Will you vote yes on Solar Radiation Management? I won't.

(2:09) How about their lies regarding energy from space, Solar or Cosmic? They describe the steady solar irradiance over a period of time and as we've stated before: if you just look at the UV Output of the Sun, that is fairly constant.

(2:23) However, what's changing is Earth's Magnetosphere. Kyoto claims it's been fading for 400 years and NASA says it's 10% weaker than it was just 150 years ago

(2:33) So measuring constant solar energy doesn't really help us when our shield is disappearing, which also absolutely plays a role in Cosmic Ray interactions on the 'Night Side' of the planet.

(2:45) I love their explanation for a recent reduction in warming. Despite their admission of a weak solar cycle, they claim 'medium to low-level confidences' are what lets them know that the ocean absorption and other internal variability are what's caused this pause in warming.

(3:00) They forget that NASA, the NSO and other prominent scientists have described a 'Solar Shutdown,' we've seen it for two years at this channel, and, the possibility for a Mini-Ice Age coming…and it's not just me saying it.

(3:12) This new 'blame humans report' will be huge news all day, all across the Internet. Most will have a comment section at the bottom of the video and I don't suppose you have any ideas of what to tell those folks to watch…

(3:24) How CO2 matched temperature until Humans began polluting…how NASA described CO2 cooling in the Thermosphere is second only to Nitric Oxide cooling. How the entire system is changing, has been for decades. And how there is a non-apocalyptic, but massively significant shift about to come to Earth.

(3:44) Coronal Hole power fading in the Earth-facing position, but still moderate and the openings are staring right at us. So far Pakistan, Peru and Mexico take the cake past few days.

(3:54) Eyes open, no fear. It's 6:35 Eastern Time and spread the news: our world is changing and they want to blame you. Be safe everyone.

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