Just the facts and one tall-tale from the Alaskan Wilderness:

The Alaskan Dispatch reports an "Unusual outage: General Communications, Inc. (GCI) customers in parts of Anchorage and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley may have experienced an outage in service beginning on Father's Day Sunday and carrying into the beginning of the week. GCI reported on Twitter that the outage was caused by an unusual source: (see the image on the right).

S0 reports a Density spike:

Excerpts from 4MIN News June 19, 2013:

(1:29) Solar Wind: we have minor rising of the 'orange' density, 'yellow' speed, and 'green' plasma temperature; but I'll point out a single point density spike way, way, way above all the others [just after 20:00 UTC].

(1:41) Magnetosphere Simulation is using only ACE Solar Wind Data, nothing actually monitors field lines. So yes, that spike you see there was the little density peak; this happened yesterday as well in the 04:00 Hour.

(1:54) People claiming that this model showing 'scary things' don't seem to understand that it all comes from here:

(1:59) Everything on that SIM is part of the Solar Wind Data; unless of course NASA snuck it in there for you, right?

The thing about this 'density spike' is that the ACE Solar Wind Telemetry has been showing these 'spikes' in particle speed, density and temperature between 20:00 and 21:00 UTC on June 15th (below), June 16th and June 17th (on the right) as well.
ACE Solar Wind Data from June 15th, 2013: Note the (one dot up around 90 protons/cm3) spike in density after 20:00 UTC.

Effects of A CME Impact:

According to James A. Marusek, in his paper 'Solar Storm Threat Analysis':

"a CME can produce the following affects: electrostatic spacecraft charging, shifting of the Van Allen radiation belt, spacetrack errors, launch trajectory errors, spacecraft payload deployment problems, surveillance radar errors, radio propagation anomalies, compass alignment errors, electrical power blackouts, oil and gas pipeline corrosion, communication landline & equipment damage, electrical shock hazard, electrical fires, heart attacks, strokes, and workplace & traffic accidents" (see image on the right).

I am not suggesting that a noticable CME impacted Earth on Father's Day, however, there were 'spikes' in speed, temperature and density on June 16th, 2013; Alaska is at a high enough Latitude to feel the sensitive side effects of Space Weather Events.

ACE Solar Wind Data from June 16, 2013: spikes in speed, density and especially temperature at 21:00 UTC.
The Evidence, Events:

After 20:00 UTC on Sunday June 16th there was a 'spike' in the temperature of the Solar Wind followed by an increase in particle speed and a slight spike in density just before 21:00 UTC.

Alaska is -9(UTC), so this density spike was starting to take place sometime between 11 AM and Noon local time.

According to The Alaskan Dispatch there were service disruptions in Anchorage and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley beginning on Father's Day. The service disruptions to these two areas were "caused by a bullet hole in the fiber line."

This means one of two things: that on the Sunday morning of Father's Day either someone aimed at and purposely shot the fiber line OR that this was a random, stray bullet that happened to hit the communications cable.

So then, if someone intentionally shot the fiber line: was there a ballistics report? And if it was an accidental, stray bullet hitting a fiber line, what are the odds of that happening? Probably the same odds as it being caused by space weather ;)

What are the odds of an outage at the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson at the same time as the two outages caused by this magic bullet? What about the timing of these 'spikes' in the Solar Wind?

As S0 mentions in the excerpt on the right, our individual connectivity points are all over the solar disk. 

These Magnetic Portals are currently cooking Alaska, same as what happened to Greenland last Summer.
The image above is of the Tweet from GCI Alaska @ GCIAK on June 18, 2013 at 10:13 PM: "So Sunday, Monday's outage in northeast Anchorage and Mat-Su? Caused by a bullet hole in the fiber line."

The article continues: "GCI also reported that an outage on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson was unrelated to the Wasilla and East Anchorage outage caused by the bullet."

ACE Solar Wind Data from June 17th, 2013: Note the spikes in speed, density just after 20:00 UTC.

Generator damaged by March 13-14th, 1989 Geomagnetic Storm in Canada.
Induced Currents (like the severe one shown above) occur when:

"charged particles in coronal mass ejections collide with Earth, they energize auroral electrojets. These electrojets are currents of multi-million amperes or more that follow high altitude circular paths around the Earth’s geomagnetic poles in the magnetosphere at altitudes of about 100 kilometers. These high-altitude currents induce mirror currents near the Earth’s surface. These mirror currents can flow into man-made conductors, like power transmission lines, pipelines, telecommunication cables and railroad tracks."
"The shuttering of HAARP has apparently arisen from a contractor regime change. The facility’s operations were previously administered by Kaktovik Inupiat Corp. subsidiary -- and 8(a) contractor -- Marsh Creek, LLC."

S0's Solar System Review:

If you follow S0's Daily News: you're no stranger to the fact that Earth's Atmosphere is collapsing, the magnetic fields are weakening and we are at the precipice of a major Solar System shift.

The papers detailing the very real impacts of Space Weather are available to the public; these events are a part of life and need to be incorporated into our fundamental world-view.

So, the magic bullet: whodunnit?

On June 14th, 2013: flaring activity was just picking back up. S0 went on to explain:

(1:14) Allow me to introduce the otherwise unfamiliar GONG H-ALPHA: showing many magnetic filaments on the disk and I had just got done telling someone they were acting calmly when this one let loose.

This filament eruption, however slightly added density to the solar wind. And later in the video S0 says:

(2:31) Something we only see a few times a year, while the primary magnetic connection to the Sun remains firm on the Northwestern Limb. The individual connectivity points are all over the disk, some even wrapping all the way around to the Eastern Limb (shown in the screenshot below).
6/16: The Earth's Magnetic Footprint on the Nortwestern Limb.



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