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(0:01) Good morning folks, we have some new information about changes in the solar system, plus we could always use a review; Venus is the story today, so lets start from the outside and come in.

(0:11) Uranus has been photographed by Hubble since it's inception, but until recently was not able to see the Auroras out there; must have been quite a show.

(0:19) Saturn, god of the harvest, saw stormier skies than usual. Storm predictably comes every 30 years and lasts a few dozen days, but the most recent events started a decade early and lasted over 200 days. NASA's observations also indicate Saturn's rotation is slowing; they think it's their measurement error...right.

(0:39) After 50 years of careful observation of Jovian Radio Emissions, Zeus now whistles in a different octave. The visual scape of Jupiter changed dramatically, from the chemistry to the energetic events.

(0:50) I call this: storms and stripes. And then the alleged asteroid impact last year; the thing is they admit to seeing no debris in the clouds from the explosion, but also, no cloud hole punch in case it somehow had remained intact. The concentric circles are my favorite part; they never discuss that.

(1:08) Mars has apparently taken some magnificent quakes recently, interesting trick for a planet they said had no tectonics.

(1:15) Most of you know that slowing of Venus' rotation is not disputed, but now we have further evidence of changes there. Over the last six years: the weather on Venus has been becoming more and more extreme. Now consider everything you have seen and then how lucky Earth is to have not changed to those extremes. Now lets jump back in time to revisit some of the Earth changes we are experiencing.

Remember this?

(1:40) Earth's poles are shifting, magnetic poles that is. For simplicity I have labeled the top, bottom two and middle point of Official North Pole measurements. The first 73 years at the bottom represent normal pole migration but the 68 years, up to 1972, shows a large jump. A similar migration is taken to the top, 2001, but this took only 29 years. We know that as of a few years ago it was traveling 40 miles a year towards Siberia.

(2:06) Globally our protective magnetic shield is 10% weaker than it was in the 19th Century and the World Center for Geomagnetism claims the weakening began in the 1600's.

(2:15) That's Earth's protective interface with 'Energy from Space,' 10% gone; 10% more energy coming in. Not just the extra Solar Energy they measure, but on all wavelengths and frequencies; not to mention the Cosmic Ray and Gamma Ray Bursts not coming from the Sun.

(2:34) Never found a climate scientist considering this fact in their findings. Observers, here, know that the rare polar phenomenon, known as Noctilucent Clouds, has recently become a normal sight at mid-latitudes in Summer.

(2:47) Or that the boring F1 Layer Critical Frequency, that boringly tracks with the Solar Cycle, decided to go nuts in 2007 indicating a serious energy change.

(2:58) As regular observers know: heat records are no joke, they're here. But precipitation trumps them all, cold is at the heels of heat and is actually winning the race in the United States in 2013; and, you might want to ask Europe and India about the end of 2011.

(3:13) Compounding the weather changes is the collapsing atmosphere. NASA's confusion about the drop, confuses me. They explain that solar flares expand our atmosphere and that the lack of flares during solar minimum makes it collapse. They claimed this recent drop was too large and must be due to global warming. Meanwhile, they'd spent the last few years gawking at how long the solar minimum was lasting and how record low it had gone. The factor that they claim 'collapses the atmosphere' was major in two ways, according to NASA, and both of these videos explain it well and show their sources.

'Energy from Space' & 'The Next Ice Age'

(3:49) Since the coronal hole anomalies in 2007 we have had fewer sunspots, even as we are supposed to be getting into solar maximum. And less Earth-directed flaring from those spots, not meeting their magnetic classification and almost every major flare has been on the limb; CME's favoring the backside as well.

(4:08) So why is the Sun lacking in power? Where is the Sun's energy? I might submit there's evidence to suggest we should hypothesis a general energy shift to the planets.

(4:18) What you are seeing is that while the planets have been acting up the strength of the Sun's polar fields is fading. What you are seeing is not a plot of sunspots, and it is not a plot of flaring strength but a slow, steady decline of solar magnetism over decades.

(4:34) You know what happens when magnetic fields of the Sun are absent: we get coronal holes, Alfvén waves and better energy transfer from the Sun to the planets; at least according to NASA.

(4:44) Let me remind you that humans have once before witnessed such a sunspot shyness towards Earth that occurred during the Maunder Minimum, the greatest observed solar shutdown.

(4:54) Earth's shield is fading, the entire system is on the fritz; no climate scientist seems to care. And again, if they make you think it's your fault: it's a lot easier to usher in Agenda 21 now, isn't it? I'll open up that can of worms later. Eyes open, no Fear. Be safe everyone...and I guess I'll tack the news on to the end of this.

Transcript for NEWS June 30, 2013:

(5:17) Hope that was helpful. Rumbia: got done with the Philippines now headed across the South China Sea to Hong Kong.

(5:24) Meanwhile, across the Pacific: tropical storm is forming off the Mexico coastline and will nudge northward before swinging out to sea.

(5:32) Other top watch tonight is in the USA: actually this U-shape of storm potential actually stretches from Canada down into Mexico. It is driven by this massive, cooler air rushing south where it meets any significant heat and moisture along the convergence line: they will equalize and everyone on the ground below it, will know it.

(5:50) Sunspots: actually got some development up North with larger, yet still separated umbras; got some trailing development exiting the southwest and the new guys on the limb could use a pick me up.

(6:02) This is the Solar Wind from two days ago: you remember how simultaneous the speed, density and plasma temperature spikes occur when CME's arrive. Well yesterday: we saw density rising first, and then speed and plasma appear to start rising and what do you know? 

(6:19) Yesterday we saw the density falling, all day, speed continued to rise, all day, and actually might not be done yet. That's the non-simultaneous impact of a coronal hole stream, rather than a CME.

(6:31) Always remember: it's the density spikes that jab our magnetic field, so, disturbance is waning as density falls; Canadian Magnetometers indicating the same.

(6:42) Still got some energetic flux as we await the CME from a few days ago; the one Tony Phillips and NOAA agreed will hit the Earth tonight.

(6:49) Probably also need to monitor the Umbral Fields: they remain closed but with energy arriving at Earth and coronal hole factors about to be elevated we just have to watch and wait for the opening.

(6:59) Only two 5-pointers in the last 24 hours, close call as well, again, near Antarctica.

(7:05) Now let me show you the last two weeks of Earthquakes: looking only for 6 magnitude and higher. The lone hit was a 6.4 in the Atlantic the same day that trans-equatorial coronal hole faced Earth.

(7:18) And as we await the new ones, prominently up North, remember that the last one was not a full watch because there were not energetic factors; just the coronal hole. Now here comes some more: 1) Coronal Hole 2) CME on the way 3) Energetic Flux 4) Venus/Ceres conjoin July! 

(7:29) We got shots of our Eastern Limb and Southern Limb; and you'll see why. First one in 171 Angstroms reveals too much S-Curve in the largest yellow magnetic loop, might pop.

(7:39) Eyes open, no fear. It's 6:15 AM Eastern Time and that's the news. Be safe everyone.

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