The purpose of this blog entry is to compile information surrounding the changes in Solar Activity, Solar Wind that resulted in a Geomagnetic Storm on March 17, 2013.

Geomagnetic Disturbances reduce our resistance to mental and physical fatigue

The goal is to present evidence of a pattern, which is increasing the chances, symptoms of a wide variety of health conditions in order to teach the reader what to look for.

The Space Weather change:

Starting on March 11, 2013:

(1:59) Our Sunspots have my full attention. While we have yet to see anything major in flaring since they crested, that central portion has a magnetic inlet at the south where another spot has formed.

(2:10) This is completely overlooked in NOAA's Current Sunspot Classification, and is only one slight morph away from going Delta and setting off that huge umbra above it.

(2:19) Solar activity may pick up soon...

March 12, 2013: HAARP Inductions...

(2:49) Got major readings on the Cosmic Ray charts. High level review shows general decreases in Cosmic Ray density, but with the McMurdo Station showing large neutron spikes; dwarfing anything we've seen there recently.

(3:10) [Solar Wind] Has been quite dense, just as the Solar Wind speed has dropped to levels that create magnetic instability of their own, which we have also seen for a few days. Inductions began a few hours ago as well.

(3:20) On the left: the 'red line' vertically separated the Solar Umbral Fields, but you can see there was a major magnetic change. We've had our eye on some big Sunspots cresting the limb, but then the change: their baby sister joined the party out ahead of the pack a few hours ago.

(3:35) Fully developed bi-polar magnetics in 24 hours, but that polarity is still well-divided. That is not true, however, of the central spot. The southern magnetic interaction is the type which could produce significant flaring with minimal morphing.

(3:48) Besides that flare potential, the thin, dark filaments are posing eruption threat as well. 'Solar Watch' is elevated with this rise in activity.

March 13, 2013: Earth Directed CME impact on the way...

(0:56) Moving right to the Sun, because she certainly is stirring. You see two long-duration flares, each the result of an eruption. First: up north, this central grouping was not on my radar as being dangerous magnetically, but the filaments are always an eruption threat.

(1:12) And this one destabilized near the top and ripped off in the general direction of Earth. Satellite shows most going north, but definitely some sideways ejecta and even some missing low.

(1:23) This indicates a Geo-effective blast: the ENLIL Spiral indicates impact to Earth likely early on the 15th UTC. However, the ISWA CME Impact Prediction shows it hitting a few hours earlier on the 14th. This may cause magnetic instability, but is not powerful enough to cause damage. 

(1:39) The second explosion occurred within the turning active regions: snapping ejecta outward as another Coronal Mass Ejection. Let's watch them both, here. 

(2:00) Now, the second blast came from that central region with the southern magnetic inlet I've spoken about for two days. But going forward, let's have our concern on the new spot out front. The development in the middle has bipolar mixing, and a recipe for big flares.

(2:32) The Solar Wind has spent yet another day about twice as dense as normal. Even without speedy streams pushing us into Magnetic Disturbance, the sustained density induces stronger than normal currents in the atmosphere and in the ground.

March 14th, 2013: CME impact soon...

(1:51) Solar Wind: It is leveling off, and the inductions are dying down as well. You remember from yesterday, two eruptions were highlighted: north-center, and from the new active regions turning in. Both were added to NASA's ENLIL Spiral. That's a nice surprise, as they usually go one by one.

(2:08) NOAA often puts multiple eruptions together for us. Here you should see both eruptions and the expected medium impact - expected at Earth tonight or tomorrow.

(2:17) Also yesterday, you remember a significant Umbral change? Well it bounced back almost immediately and held steady: watch the polarity change, in 'red' and 'green,' during the event on the top left.

(2:29) Major magnetic shifts, not to mention the coronal hole almost Earth-facing today, appears to be intensifying, of good size with a portion near the equator that may have an Umbral opening to face Earth at the same time CMEs strike us.

March 15th, 2013: Magnetic Disturbance...

(1:38) First: you should all know we had medium size CMEs set to strike Earth. They are doing so now, a few hours late, but with somewhat more speed than expected.

(1:47) Magnetic Disturbance is beginning, the waning inductions from yesterday appear set to return as well. We'll keep watch for Auroras and Geomagnetic Storms, but we have way, way more.

(1:58) This might be difficult for you to see, it is Earth eclipsing the SDO satellite during the middle of a long duration event. A filament destabilized between the turning active regions and unleashed a massive CME.

(2:11) And when a filament's Hyder flare registers in the 'M' range, the filament explosion should probably be compared to the CME of an X-Class Solar Flare.

(2:23) What you should note is that usually solar flares expel particles in a CME, but filament eruptions, like this, lift off first and the magnetic reconnection snapping together caused the flaring radiation. Usually filament tsunamis produce a C-Flare, at most.

(2:40) SOHO Lasco data shows the plasma going in all directions: this is a halo eruption, and indicates that Earth is directly in the line of fire.

(2:59) Lastly folks, with our planet just starting to take this inter-planetary shock wave, the "GONG" doesn't show much chance of the coronal hole being geo-effective, but the field lines suggest it is possible, and the SDO here suggests that it is growing after the blast.

(3:14) Seismic watch must be set, along with alerts for Auroras starting when the sun goes down. Chances for a Geomagnetic Storm: 'Heir kommt die Sonne.'

March 16th, 2013: State of Energetic Flux

(1:37) Let's go to the top story: Coronal Mass Ejection on its way to Earth.

(1:57) Most of you think of traditional solar flares and CMEs as coming from sunspots, like this, here: a flash of X-Ray energy followed by a Coronal explosion of particles. Cause and effect.

(2:08) However, Filament Eruptions, like the one we saw yesterday, do the opposite. A large mass of plasma destabilizes and releases outward into space, which then causes a Hyder Flare where the electromagnetic connections arc between the edges of the Solar Tsunami. These are post-explosion Flares.

(2:25) But coming back to this one, good news and bad news. The good news is that this was a very wide blast, and therefore much less dense and transferring less energy than a narrower eruption like this (2:35) which is in my "top five CMEs ever" list. Definitely different when we have these wide blasts.

(2:42) Now the bad news comes from the ENLIL Spirals. NASA shows direct hit. Best way to notice is watch the far right panel; 'yellow' is Earth in the perspective of a midnight position. You're looking for a splash.

(2:53) NASA's arrival prediction time is only hours from now. That is one speedy CME. NOAA confirms both the impact to Earth and the speed. On the right you'll see the spike at the end of the day today, up to 800 kilometers per second. Color code actually suggests it could be a bit faster. One-day arrival CMEs have a chance to be significant for satellites and maybe even electrical systems.

(3:15) The Solar Wind metrics are showing yesterday's minor CME impact is waning. We had no Geomagnetic Storms.

(3:23) Sunspots, although they appear unable to flare with power, they are still able to move plasma fairly well; including a departing southern region. Up north a filament set between those sunspots is destabilizing, and probably won't be there tomorrow. A CME just popped out of the southern region as well.

(3:39) We're not done yet: Energetic Flux at Planet Earth is about ten times what it was during the CME impact yesterday. We are nearly at a Polar Radiation Storm.

March 17th, 2013: Geomagnetic Storm!

(0:49) Now let's get to space weather. First things first. I hope you watched the proton flux yesterday like we told you to. If you are at extremely high latitude, you are encountering elevated radiation right now.

(1:01) As of yesterday afternoon: the polar radiation conditions were worsening, and this did not stop throughout the afternoon. And by dinner time in the US, full energetic storm was in progress.

(1:11) Now, unlike CMEs, which are just flowing clouds of plasma blasting through space, energetic flux involves the Interplanetary Magnetic Field; the magnetic footprint and other connections.

(1:21) And basically, this is essentially a direct line into our magnetic system. The energy is only guided along the field lines to Earth's polar regions.
NOAA Space Weather Scales: Effects of Radiation Storms at various Levels. Collapsing atmosphere and weakening Magnetic Field so impacts are 10-20% more energetic.

S0s videos from March 11-17, 2013:

HAARP Induction Magnetometer on March 12th, 2013 shows a steady 3Hz resonance (above).

Listen to HAARP's Magnetic Inductions:

HAARP Induction Magnetometer on March 13th, 2013 shows a stronger 3.5Hz resonance (above).

CMEs are predicted to impact Earth:

HAARP Induction Magnetometer on March 15th, 2013 showing several interesting inductions with a brief pause...

Lil' Wayne's Seizure: March 15th, 2013

Rapper Lil' Wayne at Aquarium with his son on March 12th, 2013 three days before his seizure.

March 16th, 2013: Solar Storm

HAARP Induction Magnetometer on March 16th, 2013: a couple of high-notes and a lil' calm before the storm...

What are Paroxysmal Conditions?

“One of the interesting results is that indexes (or characteristics) reflecting the stress level have reached large values in the days with moderate geomagnetic storms (Fig. 7). The stress levels were comparatively low under either relatively quiet or severe geomagnetic conditions. Observed differences were reliable (CI is 95%).  

The indexes of reactive anxiousness were increased in the days with severe geomagnetic disturbances (Fig. 8), while characteristics of personal anxiousness did not change significantly.” (9)  

This means that your reaction to stimuli during Severe Geomagnetic Disturbances is going to be more anxious; anxiousness is what leads to the car accidents, the violence, and many of the health problems that many studies have found when researching these connections.  

The connection being made between TIA’s and Geomagnetic Storms is found here:  

“the threshold of convulsive (spasmodic) readiness of the human brain is reduced; this is particularly dangerous for a person at high risk (vulnerable to physiological disorders) and, as a result, this fact should be taken into account for preventive measures and therapy of paroxysmal conditions.” (9)

March 17th, 2013: Geomagnetic Storm!

HAARP Induction Magnetometer on March 17th, 2013 shows strong inductions, and kaboom! A Geomagnetic Storm is born!
HAARP VHF Riometer Data showing some plasma penetration leading to a Geoagnetic Storm on March 17th, 2013.

Get your bare feet on the Ground and try grounding to discharge any spare electrons.


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