PictureThe Great Wing of Sphenoid.
The Eyes Open, Keine Panik Meditation:

It’s best to try these things out on an empty stomach and to stop if you feel dizzy or too uncomfortable; obviously. Other than that just learn as you go; always go at your own pace and just do what you’re capable of doing. Our bodies want to live, otherwise we'd be dead; trust in this fundamental instinct.

Breathing, posturing techniques with a straightened spine awakens our bio-memory and releases emotional tensions, knots from the central nervous ganglia by turning the chemical blockages into energetic fuel for our mental and physical development. Like throwing logs on a fire, we just get to watch them burn, sometimes we hear 'em crack and pop; just let it happen.

Sit Indian style, legs crossed and make sure you’re set and comfortable. Light two candles and put them in front of you on a table, eye level, at first to help you focus; face North if you’re so inclined.

PictureBrain Communication Schematic.
What you're going to want to do is straighten your spine by sitting up as straight as possible, and then holding that posture and then start by breathing, stretching your rib cage, by inhaling as deeply as you can and holding it as long as possible like you’re about to go underwater. Feel that breath stretch each rib and it’s roots in order to push around and along each corresponding spinal column, vertebrae and then slowly exhale. Try to hold your lungs empty at this point, for a no less than 3-4 seconds.

After you have warmed up, rolled the shoulders a bit and got comfortable, you are now ready to settle in for a trip.

Stare at the point between the two candles & cross your eyes creating a third candle while breathing in an even, slow 8 seconds and then holding the lungs full of oxygen for 8 seconds...then, slowly exhaling evenly over 8 seconds and then holding the lungs empty for 8 seconds. Do this for a couple of minutes, until you are completely focused on your breath and have reduced your # of thoughts per minute.

Now, from this point on you are not allowed to blink. Do not move, do not blink and do not scratch. These itches are tiny wormholes, opening up connections into the body, let the feelings come and go, you have to not react, to anything, no sounds, no smells, no touch, just sit and stare without blinking, creating that third candle.

Why? According to Project-Meditation:

“The reason open eye meditation is so effective is because it so completely occupies the mind by having you focus on two different things at once on either side of your field of vision.

Meditations involving the third eye are considered to be the most powerful, and techniques have been designed to unlock multi dimensional consciousness.  Open eye meditation, otherwise known as OEM, is a way you can more easily access this dimension through using a particular technique.

It is a lot simpler than it really sounds:  Open eye meditation is just as it suggests; meditating as usual except for keeping your eyes open.  The way it works is by setting up an object for each eye to look at, which takes your entire mind's energy.  You can then access this new level of consciousness and power without much deliberation.”

By stilling the eyes, we still the mind, when your eyes start to cross and you feel the sting of not blinking, hold on, keep the eyes open and breath deeply now for your eyes need more oxygen than before. If thoughts comes into your mind you can use the 8 second breathing which will help you to cut your reality into pieces, calm you down.

At this point your eyes need more oxygen than we normally give them on a daily basis. So, with deep full breaths, give them a bit more in that moment-if your nose is running wipe it with a tissue that you have prepared-and breathe a bit through the mouth. It’s important to return the breathing in/out through the nose, as this builds the pressure to gently send energy up the central spinal canal. Keep your posture straight!

When you start to really sweat from the armpits, tear drop sweat, and you get a milky sweat on the feet and hands you'll know you're getting there, if you get a charlie horse you've gone too far, stand up and straighten it out feet flat, side by side on the ground and lock your knees while standing straight as possible with your arms out at the side like Jesus on the Cross; this will balance the energy out.

The charlie horse sensation is your central nervous system starting the process of metabolising all the lactic acid you built up from sitting perfectly still and ignoring every impulse you'd just received over the last 15-20 minutes; this stillness opened up communication between both hemispheres of the brain, the waves of which stimulated pineal gland’s chemical secretion and via the second most amount of blood flow, circulation it started to ring the central nervous system, hypothalamus, pituitary gland like a dinner bell as if screaming to say no glucose, but lactate is what's for dinner!

Standing straight, sitting straight, all these forced postures open up the little gentle tube at the center of our spinal columns, and it's through this tube that the electromagnetic fuel condensates into and inducts up...the same rigidness if forced during a spontaneous kundalini awakening and seizure.

Pull Quote from a fun article on Meditation by Christopher Forrest McDowell:

“My friend, Jeff, practices another form of meditation that espouses the Zen approach: to receive
life as it comes. For this reason he follows the instruction to meditate with eyes wide open. This is symbolic of acknowledging that life is suffering and that we must face all suffering head on, embracing it, understanding it, and accepting it. He, and many practitioners like him,sits in front of a blank wall and stares at something, anything, whatever exists and can be seen on that blank wall at his field of vision.

I’ve tried such a form of meditation, and it certainly does get you quickly in touch with suffering. But once you get beyond the notion of foolishness, embarrassment, and hoping like hell that no one who knows you will suddenly enter the room and wonder what the hell you are doing, then you can begin to surrender to the absurdity of your mind. This absurdity, of course, has to do with your intent to overrule it by the simple act of focusing on a small spot on the wall and passing no judgment on any thoughts that happen to flutter in the way. Sounds simple, but the task is as difficult as if you had your eyes closed.”

What just happened?

The goal of this meditation is to push the body, mind to a new state of consciousness, awareness by activating biomemory. Your eyes will split the reality into two, you can focus on the candle, but try not wipe away sweat or tears as they are meant to obscure reality and sensations in that state when your mind is starved for stimuli. In this moment you will communicates in perfect union with the environment and what follows is a relevant flow of self realization and sensory information. These tears cleanse the doors of perception.

This will induce a euphoric, trance like state. An almost drug-like trip. It's meant for relaxation, recreation and realization. If you do it in front of a mirror this meditation gets a bit more intense. If you do it focusing on the third eye of another human being, it's extremely beneficial to both parties.

Afterwards you may not feel like talking, if at any point you feel like laughing that's great and usually means you got through something, sudden out bursts of laughter are always good. If you practice this, and do this every day for forty straight days, like any of these Kundalini Kriya, you will notice a change in perception & so many other things. Relieves stress, tension and alleviates most headaches. I wouldn't meditate with eyes open more than once per day, as it requires a lot of energy.

The purpose of this meditation is to cry, to feel like the tears are coming out of your pupils which connect all the way back via the optic nerve, criss-crossing and tickling the limbic system along the way to the Mid-Brain connection. When your eyes cross, or you roll them up in your head to stare, focus energy between the eyebrow on the Anja Chakra, Third Eye Point...this crossing, pulling on the optic nerves which helps to stimulate the secretions of chemicals in your brain that aid in meditation, introspection and visualization. Since the retinal system is connected with Pineal Gland, you want that DMT juice you got to make your eyes vibrate, while they're open (REM awake style).

Enjoy, Peace!



10/02/2013 5:58am

dear S0
i found you on youtube and posted a link in a swiss forum where economic matters are discussed by normal people - everything is connected.
your collective is registered in austra. does it mean that your information will be available in german soon?
currently i am trying to start a small business and therefore i am looking for content and partners.
if you need me to promote your site in switzerland and translate information, feel free to contact me.
thanks for your work.
kind regards

01/02/2014 6:28pm

Some info you may want to include in this post? From project-meditation "The first few times you practice, you will make your initial connection with your time traveling OverSoul. Consideration should be given to the fact that it will take a while for trust to develop so you can communicate with each other. These sessions should go for anywhere between five and twenty minutes to begin with. You will then feel a burning desire to have as many open eye meditation sessions as possible, thriving on the deep rumination and healing."


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